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Sigma API

What is an API?

Application Programming Interface is a software whose purpose is to connect two other software together. This tool must be agile and practical when wanting to share data in a standardized way.

What benefits do you get with SIGMA API?

Sigma API

Automation of circuits for sending, receiving and processing information between different systems.

Sigma API

Flexibility in the delivery of services and information.

Sigma API

Efficiency in the scope of process automation, as it can be used for the distribution of information and services to new audiences that can be customized to create on-demand user experiences.

Sigma API

Adaptation: needs change over time and APIs help anticipate changes. When working on this technology, data migration can be better supported, while offering a better review of the information. Ultimately, APIs provide greater flexibility in the provision of services.

Data available from SIGMA

SIGMA receives information related to:
  • Orders
  • Stock
  • Collections
And SIGMA sends information about:
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Stock, order submission
  • Collections
  • Articles
  • Sellers
  • Stock Proofs
  • Deposits
  • Bills
  • Sales information for statistics

How does it work?

Sigma API


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