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Data integration system.

From its acronym in English, Extract Transform and Load this tool allows a company that produces goods to obtain immediate and detailed information on the marketing of its products, through its distribution chain.

What does the market demand? How often are they buying? In which geographic areas is there less penetration? SIG ETL Web answers those questions and many more.

How does it work?

The tool operates through a website with a simple interface made up of plain text files. Wholesale companies upload the information, which is validated and processed online, making it immediately available for analysis.


The tool is made up of three parts:

1. SIG ETL Web

This tool allows distributors to upload the information they are currently generating to a website. The site is responsible for checking the integrity of the data and homogenizing the information in a way that is understandable and accessible to the user. In addition, it works as a means of communication between the production company and the distributors, being able to share useful information such as graphic material for printing, training, catalogues, presentations, regulations for the visibility of the products, etc.

2. Data Warehouse

It is the heart of the project. A database used to process and relate the information entered through the web in an orderly and coherent manner.

3. SIG ETL Backoffice

A desktop application that incorporates OLAP, statistical analysis tools , which are responsible for validating and integrating the files automatically into the Data Warehouse and then providing the reports.

What is the benefit of SIG ETL Web?

Información Inmediata

Obtain day by day all the details of the marketing of your products, through your distribution chain.

Velocidad de análisis

Make decisions quickly, without having to wait for the results of market research.

It does not invade
the distributor.

Avoid the need to install any application within the wholesale distributor's computer equipment without generating additional costs.

Actualización Permanente
Design and permanent update.

SIG ETL Web 2.0 is permanently renewed in accordance with the technological advances of the market, with an intuitive and friendly interface to work with.

What does our proposal include?

Implementation and Support

This type of technological solution implies having an intimate knowledge of the administrative circuits of the distributor/wholesale companies of mass consumption products. As well as the administrative-commercial relationship with the production company. On the one hand, being able to communicate in a common language with the manufacturing company in order to provide an ETL solution that obtains the necessary data and transforms it into useful information. And on the other hand, provide assistance to wholesale companies regarding the inconveniences and doubts that arise on a daily basis.


Our after-sales service is essential for the peace of mind of each company. Soluciones Informáticas Globales provides comprehensive and permanent support, where we put our customer service at your disposal, to carry out daily monitoring of the data upload to the web tool and to resolve all problems that arise on a day-to-day basis. day.


Sigma SaaS

It comes from its acronym in English: Software as a Service, (Software provided as a service). It is the SIGMA commercial management system hosted on our servers, which is accessed through an internet connection. A solution designed for those who want a quick start-up at an affordable cost. [+]

Argus SAAS

The comprehensive hotel management solution that is hosted on our servers. It includes a series of modules that help unify and systematize control processes and loading of administrative and accounting data for hotel management, allowing for a reduction in expenses and time. [+]