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Smart Trader

The mobile sales solution for direct channel

It is an application for mobile devices with an Android platform designed to optimize the task of taking orders and billing at the moment, without the need to be permanently online. This tool offers a solution for your commercial management, with the specific objective of increasing the productivity of your sales force.

How does it work?

SMART TRADER has a mixed mode of operation (on and offline). This means that, if you do not have an internet connection, it allows you to take orders and bill them autonomously. If you have connectivity, you can check stock online, update prices, news, current accounts and send the company all the news about orders, invoices, collections, visits, etc.

ONLINE Operating Mode
Toma Pedido

1. The seller takes the order immediately.


2. When connecting to the internet, synchronize and send the order.


3. Enter the order into the system without intermediaries.


4. The order is invoiced and shipped.

OFFLINE Operating Mode
Toma pedido

1. The seller takes the order, invoices and delivers on the spot.


2. Connects to the internet to send and receive news.

What advantages does TRADER have for a seller?

Before making a visit, the seller can search for his clients by code, name or address and obtain the following information from them:

  • What is the geographical location.
  • What were the previous orders.
  • If you have invoices pending collection.
  • What was the last visit made.
  • What combos can be offered.
  • What discount policy do you have?.

The seller:

  • Optimize your time.
  • Build your visit roadmap in advance.
  • Strategically plan the sale, being informed of the latest items and news you can offer, etc.

How does SMART TRADER help during the customer visit?

During the visit:

What benefits does the company obtain with SMART TRADER?

The company:


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