Soluciones Informáticas Globales S.A.
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The Directory of Soluciones Informáticas Globales S.A, establishes that all activities, at all levels of the company, will be developed respecting the following principles that define the company's commitment to quality:

I. Exceed your customers' expectations when purchasing SIG products and services. It is the way in which the company visualizes the permanent search for customer satisfaction.

II. SIG products and services must have the latest technology. That is why it allocates resources for research and development. And, in order to keep the client informed about news, it allocates resources to the commercial area.

III. The Quality Management System (QMS) is management's commitment to seek customer satisfaction and comply with applicable requirements. Providing human and technological resources is the commitment assumed in order to increase the effectiveness and make continuous improvements to the QMS.

IV. It is nothing but the human resources behind the products and services who guarantee their quality, and therefore, customer satisfaction. In SIG people are the fundamental factor in the search for excellence. Training, motivating and maintaining the best possible work environment are the principles involved in the search for customer satisfaction.

SIG stablishes in form 5.4.1 the objectives related to the indicators established for quality policy measurements. The control of objectives is carried out quarterly, in order to evaluate their progress.